Car Loan

Car Loan

A car loan is the simplest way to buy a new or used vehicle when you do not have the funds at the time of the purchase. But, did you know that your loan can also allow you to buy car accessories or pay for the necessary official documents? A car loan is a service whereby a person or company buys a new or second-hand vehicle without the corresponding amount.

The credit agency pays the seller of the vehicle in the place of the buyer. In return, the latter refunds to it each month a portion of the amount paid, plus interest. In summary, with an auto loan you can get the funds to buy a new or used vehicle at any time.

A car loan, when it is specifically designated as such by the lending agency, consists of granting the borrower a sum of money specifically intended to cover the purchase of a motor vehicle with four wheels. It is also up to you to choose the duration of the loan, from twelve months to several years. It depends on your monthly repayment capacity as well as your preferences. You may choose to pay off a car loan fast, but with high monthly payments, or spread the repayment over a long period, with less monthly payments. Car Loan

In any case, it is recommended not to borrow for more than five years, 60 months, which is the most conservative estimate of the life of your future vehicle. At the equivalent loan amount, a longer term equals lower monthly payments but also higher total cost of credit. The duration of the credit is counted in months. In this context, do you know how to get the best terms for your car loan, whether it is contracted with a dealer, a banking establishment or a credit union?

It is obviously possible to resort to auto credit for the purchase of a vehicle. It can of course be a new vehicle, but not necessarily: the purchase of a used vehicle is quite possible. In the same way, contracting a car loan can be used to finance something other than an “automobile” in the strict sense. You can thus get a loan to buy a camper, a car, a trailer, a caravan, buy a vehicle and its accessories,

Car loans can also be used to finance all costs associated with acquiring a vehicle, such as paying for official documents such as the registration certificate, an extended warranty, and equipment and purchase of auto accessories. Whether it’s buying car accessories at the same time as your vehicle; like a roof box, anti-theft marking, a trailer hitch; or paying for official documents, auto credit is the solution. These costs are simply added to the cost of the vehicle to get the final loan amount. The procedure might be even easier because some car dealers include everything necessary to get on the road. These dealers will provide insurance, maintenance, assistance, financing and an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Top Benefits of a Novated Lease

What are the Top Benefits of a Novated Lease?

If your current employer is talking to you about changing your salary package or if you have been looking for a new job and have been offered a position with a novated lease, you could be wondering if it’s something that you should look into. Of course, some employees would prefer not to be involved in this type of leasing situation. For many employees across Australia, however, a novated lease can be a positive thing. These are some of the top benefits of a novated lease.

Save on Taxes

If you are currently unhappy with how much of your paycheck goes to taxes each pay period, you might be particularly interested in a Stratton Novated Lease. One of the top benefits of this type of arrangement is the fact that the cost of the monthly lease payment will be taken out of your pre-tax income each month. Therefore, this is money that you will not have to pay taxes for but that you will receive a financial benefit for. For someone who is looking to reduce the amount that they have to pay in income taxes, a novated lease can be a good option to think about.

Avoid Worrying About a Car

Making sure that you have a good, reliable vehicle to drive to and from work every day might be very important to you. With a novated lease, you can lease a brand new car that suits your needs and lifestyle. Then, you will know that you have a good car, and you will not have to worry about going out and securing financing for a car purchase or car lease yourself.

Along with not having to worry about securing a vehicle, you may not have to worry about taking care of your vehicle, either. Depending on the novated lease arrangement that you enter into, things like vehicle maintenance might be included in your leasing payments. Then, when your car needs to be serviced, you can simply take it to the shop without having to worry about coming out of pocket for it. Instead, everything will be included in the lease payment that is taken out of your pre-tax income, so you won’t have to worry about budgeting separately for these things or being taken by surprise by costs that you weren’t counting on.

Get a Better Deal

Depending on your employer and the dealership that it works with, there is a good chance that you might be able to get a better deal on your lease payments than what you might pay if you got your loan on your own. This is because many employers have good working relationships with these companies because they offer these types of leases for multiple employees and are able to get a bulk discount.

As you can see, a novated lease can be a positive thing. If you talk to your employer or potential employer about this option, you might find that it’s something that you are interested in for yourself.

New Car Finance Options

Are New Car Finance Options Helpful?

It is always good to have options. The more options that one has with something like car finance, the more freedom they have. Everyone is in different points in their life and in their financial situation. Therefore, there should be car finance options for just about any circumstance.

The latest option to hit the car finance market is something known as an 84 month loan. That is seven years worth of having a loan around, but it also means a smaller loan payment on a monthly basis.

As it turns out, the 84 month loan is something that has fewer people defaulting on than do the 72 month loans. The lower payments may make it easier for some to actually make those payments. That could be good for a person who has struggled in the past to make the kind of car finance payments that they need to. Some may complain that this is too long to have a loan out for, but they are not the ones in your situation.

The beautiful thing about this type of Car Finance Stratton is that those who have lower credit scores can use an 84 month loan to get the type of car that they really want. There is no need for them to settle on a lesser car just because their credit score needs some work. Instead, it is possible to get exactly the kind of car you want for a monthly payment that is within your budget.

Car finance used to require a lot of hand wringing and stress. These days a lot of the dealerships are able to do their own financing in house. Some of the dealerships are experimenting with the 84 month loan for customers who may not qualify for other types of loans.

This type of car finance is something that benefits the car dealerships as well. They like it because it means that they have a rotating basis of income. In years past one might trade in a vehicle that they already owned in order to get something that was newer. It might have been a good deal for the consumer, but the dealerships were taking it on the chin. They wanted to have more car finance deals.

The 84 month loan is something that locks in profits for seven years in most cases. Customers have the option to pay more on their loan as time goes on if they want to, but most will just pay the minimum that is required of them. This is the new system as it works for both customers and dealerships. Car finance is moving in this direction and the best that we can all do is learn as much as we can about it.